Bone March Play By Post

The Count's Offer

CY 577, 7th day of Flocktime, City of Knurl, southern Bone March

Agathon, Thaddeus and Jacques meet in the Gnoll’s Head tavern. By chance, they decide to follow out two unsavory looking characters who left the tavern after a representative of Count Dunstan announced that the Count was seeking to hire mercenaries to help defend Knurl against the ever-increasing threat of the humanoids that overran the rest of the country over a decade ago. After a brief reconnaissance of the shanty town outside the walls of Knurl, the three agree to link up to meet the Count in the morning to volunteer for service.

8th day of Flocktime At the meeting with the Count, it turns out the unsavory types from the night before were members of an adventuring party calling themselves Gorgathor’s Raiders. The party agrees to join up and takes advantage of some equipment the Count offers for their initial payment. They also gather some information on the situation locally, the geographical features and a brief history of the region for those not from here.

9th day of Flocktime Agathon, Thaddeus and Jacques begin exploring an old coal mine that was thought abandoned. Located about 4 miles north of Knurl, they quicly discover the mines are overrun with goblins and hobgoblins and that many sacks of coal are stacked up as if ready to be delivered somewhere, to someone.



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